How to Choose the Right Chest Binder: Buying Guide for You (Updated for 2023)

How to Choose the Right Chest Binder: Buying Guide for You (Updated for 2023)


  1. The Importance of a Chest Binder
  2. How to Choose the Right Size Chest Binder
  3. Differences between "Male and Female Chest Binders"
  4. How to Care for Your Chest Binder
  5. What If My Chest Binder Doesn't Fit Properly?
  6. Alternatives to a Chest Binder

Achest binderis a necessary tool for transgender individuals. Some people may not be familiar with the term, but it's easy to understand once you research it. The most important thing to remember when shopping for one is to choose one that will be appropriate for your situation and your needs as an individual. This article provides helpful tips and general information about the best chest binders on the market.

The Importance of a Chest Binder

Transition is such a personal process. Every step of the journey is unique and should move along at a pace that is just right for you. Maybe you've heard about chest binders and noticed how happy they made others. Maybe your eyes caught a glimpse of the word on social media, and it piqued your interest. Regardless, the question on your mind is likely to be:what is a chest binder?

Chest binders are pieces of clothing used to flatten "breast tissue to create a male-appearing chest" (Ira,

In other words, they are a useful tool to help you look at how you want to regard your body and gender. This is the importance of a chest binder. They are versatile in meaning what you want to express. This transition is yours, and achest bindercan help you claim it!

Not every trans masculine person has to use a chest binder, but those who do, or are curious, should know the basics of using and findingsafe chest binders.

How to Choose the Right Size Chest Binder

Chest binders targeta specific form of compression around your chest and torso. Binding tightly or stacking several binders on top of one another may seem like a good idea to further flatten your wardrobe, but it is not safe for your body. Even if you need chest binders for a big chest, proper binding can be achieved by wearing a special binder of the appropriate size.

The before and after your binder should be tight to the skin but not press further into your body. If your lungs are wetter and you're producing raspy and watery coughs–stop use immediately and cease use for several days. If these effects persist, you must see a doctor. If you are closeted and are not out, explain the results but not the reason why. Consistent pain should not be ignored! You may have serious damage to your lungs or even develop pneumonia.

To achieve proper size, you need to get a bust size measurement. You should wear a thin top or nothing for an accurate number. The easiest way to get this information is to get a sewing tape measure (also known as tailor's tape) and encircle it around your bust and underneath your arms. The most accurate measurement is captured with your arms held down and towards your torso. Have a trusted friend measure for you while the pose is assumed for the best results.

It is important to note that different brands have different sizing scales, so always check their charts before making your purchase. Comfort and safety should be your priority!

How to Choose the Right Chest Binder

Differences between "Male and Female Chest Binders"

The differences are that there aren't any differences! Chest binders can be used by anyone of any gender who wishes to bind their breasts. They can be used to express masculinity, genderfluidity, and genderqueerness. Even cis women can use chest binders as part of a butch expression.

The ideal goal of using chest binders is to move closer to being comfortable in your own body with your gender and gender expression. Take some time to choose a style ofchest binderthat best suits your sense of fashion and comfort. UNICMI offers the Classic style, Full Torso, and an option with a front zipper. While chest binders may bind your chest, they won't secure your creativity and sense of self!

How to Care for Your Chest Binder

Chest binders aren't like all other pieces of clothing and require separate washing instructions. Chest binders should not be worn longer than 12 hours, and it is highly recommended that you do not wear them to bed for safety reasons. Regularly washing and wearing your chest binder will increase its longevity and your overall happiness with the binder.

Do NOT machine wash your binders. The roughness of the process will damage your chest binder and decrease its ability to compress over time. If you must use a device, put the chest binder in a soft bag and use cold water.

Proper care is hand washing your binders after use, not soaking them, but using mild detergent to gently clean them in the sink. Cold water should be used, and binders should be air-dried. Dryers will damage your binder and likely shrink them–opening up the possibility of causing physical bodily harm.

How to Choose the Right Chest Binder

What If My Chest Binder Doesn't Fit Properly?

  • The best chest bindersare those that are safe and comfortable to use. If your chest binder isn't fitting properly, then you need to stop use immediately. From here, you should ask several questions.
  • Have you grown in size?: Remeasure your bust and check if you need to resize your chest binders. Most brands carry a wide range of sizes for chest binders.
  • Did you use the dryer?: If you've used the dryer, your chest binder has likely become damaged and shrunk in that process. You will need to purchase a new chest binder.
  • Is the binder damaged?: Accidents happen, and chest binders can get damaged through everyday wear and tear. Your discomfort with its size might signal you need to get another.

If this is a brand-new binder that isn't fitting you, you should be able to return it.UNICMIhas a great return policy, so you can find the chest binder that is right for you. No one should feel forced into using an unsafe and unsatisfactory binder! We take returns up to 14 days AFTER the delivery and at no cost to you -FREE! Refunds may take 5-10 business days to reach you.

Alternatives to a Chest Binder

Do NOT use ace bandages or duct tape as alternatives to a chest binder. They are not created with your body's structure in mind, meaning you can become severely injured. Nothing stops ace bandages or duct tape from constricting you further than you intended. They will constrict your lungs and ribs. Damage received might require emergency care. Microabrasions and tears resulting from improper products might result in not being able to conduct top surgery (a subcutaneous mastectomy).

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